The Black Experience


As I have grown older, I have learned much about identity. Identity in how the world sees me and how I see myself. When I was younger in predominately Caucasian schools, I recognized there was a difference between my peers and me. The differences in my mind were purely physical and had nothing to do with my character. I learned later that people were not just people as I once thought. There were black people, white people, Asian people, etc. The label that was given to me meant something about me and altered the way others saw me. It altered the way I saw myself…

As I prepared to write a series talking about the black experience, I realized that my story was not enough, I could only share my black experience, but I could not represent my entire race. Black people are too diverse of a people for my voice to be the only one that is heard. Not everyone identifies with their blackness in the same way. This month in celebration of Black History Month, I have invited other African American writers to share their black experience. It is my hope that through this series my readers would walk away with a desire to learn about those who are different from them.

– Kenneth Tate

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