Lately I have found myself bored of my everyday routine. At ten I look to find clothes to wear into the office. I struggle to find outfits that look fresh. At eleven I am in the office talking with my co-workers about the same projects from yesterday. Then the office transitions into talking about current events. Throughout the day I email a few people and set up meetings. Eventually clock out of the office and head to pick my sister from school. Later on around 5:30 I head into my second job, where I work as a bartender. Some days have their twist but I do not often get to stray from the routine. I am a creature of habit and often like the day to day functions as they are. However, lately I have been wanting a break from the norm.

Recently a group of friends and I took a day trip to Chicago. We wanted to get away from the mundane. Of course it had to be the coldest day in April, but we were determined to get out of town. We were not interested in seeing everything. Most of us had been to Chicago before and it was far to cold to overdue it by trying to see all the sights. Instead we went to a few locations and rested there. We had coffee while discussing politics, religion, calling, and dating. We talked about the things that broke our hearts and where we found our truth. The conversation was not always bright or positive but comforting. We were experiencing life together. We were there for each other. I often get too caught up in the day to day that I do not pause to see what is going on with me internally or what is going on with my peers externally. I am grateful for time away and reflection with friends. Sometimes I must leave my surroundings in order to gain perspective.

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