It is often that I find myself re-watching the Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Although the story-line is beautiful I find myself more captured by the scenery than the actual story. I am reminded that there is so much I have not seen and so much that I want to see. I grew up in the Midwest, went to college in the Midwest, and currently work in the Midwest. I absolutely love my hometown. When I walk into the bar, favorite restaurant, or coffee shop they greet me by name and I feel I am a part of a community. I have gotten comfortable where I am and the more I relax the more I recognize that change is needed. I have always dreamed of traveling the world and I hoped after college I would be able to. However, my dreams were diluted in other messages and work.

As this year passes and I move into the next, I desire to make my dreams into a reality. The question that always seems to get in my way is, “How will I pay for it?” For a while I stopped dreaming about traveling but an email forward would me bring back. I received information about a program that certifies English speakers to teach English abroad to non-English speaking countries (International TEFL Academy). Here lied the answer to my dilemma, how I could travel and be paid for it. All the while also contributing to the community that I am in.

I am currently enrolled in class through the program and will be certified in July and I will be free to travel wherever I desire. Although I have debated where I wanted to go for some time, my heart has landed in Thailand. I am drawn to their beautiful culture, amazing fashion, and mouthwatering vegan food. I am terrified all of the time, thinking about being in another country that I have not been before. I know I will mourn my life here but I would be more sad if I passed an opportunity to pursue something that I have always wanted.

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