If I am being forth coming about my past week I left it feeling discouraged and worn down. In the past when I felt my agenda was too full, there was always an insensible amount of hope inside of me to get me through. However, I am not sure how to carry it the way I used to. This summer is exciting but also very heavy on me. I get to celebrate close friends getting married and see distant relatives. Along with that I have assignments for Thailand, bills to pay, side projects, work, and family obligations. Lately every week an area of my life is lacking. I keep asking myself questions like,

“Did you pay your phone bill?”

“Did you call off work for the wedding?”

“Have you sent work your updated availability?”

“Are you late picking your sister up from school?”

“Did you finish your assignment?”

“Did you eat?”

I am exhausted by the pressure of it all and part of me wants to stop doing everything. I try to remind myself that most of the things causing me stress are because of choices that I have made. At one point I wanted to be this busy. This if I am being honest is not a sobering thought, but it motivates me to know that there was a time I thought I could do it. So I will take on every assignment and project one by one. It has to work out; I have no other options…

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