Every day I wake up I experience a different version of myself. The mirror tells me I have gained weight but tomorrow it will tell me I lost it, yet all my clothes fit the same. I wake up and I feel an overwhelming sense of optimism, as if I could conquer anything in my path. My long jacket flows in the wind, black boots stomp on the ground, and I march forward looking past the world and onward to my destination. Other days I walk timidly through the doors apologizing to the people in front of me to get through and avoid eye contact with anyone. I fear I am the joke in which the people across from me are laughing at. ‘I liked my overalls this morning. Maybe if I just wore my regular office clothes then,’ my thoughts of insecurities would continue for hours. It is ironic to think that in both scenarios I do not make eye contact. Perhaps I feel the world is unworthy of my gaze and the other days I feel I am unworthy of theirs. Is there a place where both pride and humility can exist? I think I will find comfort there…

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