The Elitists


Humanity has an intrinsic desire to contribute to their surroundings. This desire to contribute is linked with the desire to be seen by others. It is not enough to contribute, but others must find the contribution significant. Artists like myself struggle on the day to day to produce work that touches the rest of humanity. However, it is not only the artist that struggles to be seen as significant to the world around them. Messages from parents, social media, and television train individuals on what is significant and what is not. In turn these individuals go on and use the same ideology to view others. Individuals go throughout life ranking one another on levels of significance and insignificance. This culture, which is prevalent in many cultures around the world, is known as elitism. I have invited three other writers this month to talk about this subject and how it has effected them. My voice does not speak for everybody, and here all voices are significant.

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