At age 21, I was finishing my final year of college. At any given time during the year I was working three jobs and had several campus commitments. Along with all of my projects I was a full-time student with assignments and deadlines. In my personal life I was battling mental health issues, faith, sexuality, and identity (all of which I have written about). However, during this time if I had stopped to deal with my emotions I would have collapsed under the pressure. I did not know how to write without accessing my feelings. My goal in this project was to write poetry that was void of emotion and to lean into the physical world. I have been told that as a writer you must write even when you do not feel like it, but for me personally, I must write even when I can’t feel…

Authors Note:

This project has taken years to create and I am happy it is finally ready for viewing. Thank you Dillon for the work you put in and collaborating with me on my vision!

Written By: Kenneth Lamar Tate Jr.

Directed & Produced By: Dillon Slagle

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