The Elitists: Alter Ego

What is a body? A place made for judgement. A place to be hidden underneath layers of fabrics. A place that is sometimes praised and other times ridiculed. A place that holds the spirit that takes it all in. My body... His body... Her body... Their body... Each is a somebody... " one is owed…Read more The Elitists: Alter Ego

The Elitists: Olivia Deliyannides

Olivia Deliyannides is a Psychology and Social Work major at Calvin College, located in Grand Rapids Michigan. Olivia has been a contributor to the blog series for quite sometime and helps edit the pieces submitted before they are published. In her spare time she practices her photography and writes short stories. She is a free…Read more The Elitists: Olivia Deliyannides

The Elitists: Thomas Erlank

Thomas Erlank is a musical performer from South Africa. Early in his studies he obtained his degree at the University of Stellenbosch and later furthered his education in London, England at the Royal College of Music. He is currently involved with the international opera studio in Operhaus Zurich, Switzerland. His partner Jonathan Ramírez is a…Read more The Elitists: Thomas Erlank